To the Wall Street Journal

As one who has followed the idiocy of the environmentalists from it’s political beginning by a staff of U.N. world-changers, I hold my comments to minimum.  But, the jest of them should relate a tale of the truths.

1. The Feature Story: “It isn’t financial incentives…It’s guilt.”  And I’ll wager when the incentives become negative, the guilty will be forgotten.

I didn’t notice the environmentalists being separated.  Those whose green is color blind and is (political) red, from those who are stupidly green whose common sense was nullified by the ‘red green’s’ scare tactics.  But I believe it was the latter you addressed.

2. There is nothing wrong with building homes more energy efficient, but what about those who installed wind generators, only to discover it would be 20 plus years before they paid off, not considering repair costs.  I don’t believe wind generators are being made for residences anymore.  Too bad Congress doesn’t wisen up and pull the subsidies from alternate fuels and save the taxpayers wasted trillions of dollars.  They all fall into the ‘won’t pay for themselves category.’

3. The rain forest: That’s Brazil’s socialist problem to wake up to, but it was a crime to shut down America’s lumber industry when the companies planted more trees than they cut down.  But didn’t the stupid greens fall for the red green’s lies?

4. Biomass – what a smell!:  You covered it very confirmingly with Jim Carlton’s Carson City, Nv plant.  But you missed a very important matter of counterproductivism.

My father was not an accidental successful farmer (even before a farmer saw a government check).  He always told me, if you take from the land (crops) you have to return to the soil — and proved it, with his cover crops.  When the USDA gave cotton allotments, they based it on three bales to the acre.  His land produced five.  If the farmers sell their foliage for biomass, instead of plow it under, then experience diminishing yields, who gets the blame for the stupidity?

5. Electric automobiles:  Within there is a hidden enterprise to make millions.  My electric razor takes 24 hours to recharge the battery.  I can fill my car’s gas tank in 5 minutes.  That conclusion should be simple.  Drivers don’t pay enough attention to avoid accidents, let alone worry about a battery charge.  When we’re forced into electric cars, servicing all the stalled cars on the roads should reap millions (if the revolt doesn’t come first!)

If the EPA was done away with, billions of dollars would be saved, compared to a few millions in benefits that might be lost.

Trash can be safely burned generating electricity and steam for industrial use.  Hurrah!!  Two birds killed with one stone — if the stupid greens would move against the red greens, and savings in the multibillions would ensue.

Fossil fuels will outlive 200 generations as the cheapest and most efficient energy available.  Not even considering the technical improvements over the 1000 years.  And those saving will probably mean trillions of dollars.

And so forth, and so forth, as soon as the environmental idiots regain their common sense, and the political red green environmentalists are made history along with the political elected and appointed traitors who sold out to them.  The world will have seen the greatest economic disaster that the Socialists of insanity have created with their beliefs that doing the same thing over and over will get different results.  Socialism is Socialism forever.

When I started on environmentalism there was no science for the truths.  The handful of us only had common sense to counter the lies with.  Today there are tons of science setting out the truths.  When do your readers get a ‘The Journal Report’ section of the truths of the environment?

Toby Elster


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