Re: Remember ‘Joe the Plumber?’

The captioned page of the USA Today was handed to me (I don’t read the USA Today) by one who knows I support the National Right to Work Committee; but my knowledge of ‘unionization’ of FDR’s treachery to the workers goes back to the Wagner Act of 1935. And of course it eventually undermined the entire society. Your employee, David E. Hammons, a “Loud and Proud American” — nor are there enough of them anymore — not only had it right, but he understands the benefits of a company union would have over the unwieldyness of a trade union such as the United Steelworkers. Do you need anymore union horror stories?

The Constitutional Foundation came to be in 2002 — after researching “What Went Wrong with America” since 1970 when I discovered what I’d learned in military intelligence school was actually happening in America. America had an Enemy Within socializing America. And no one was aware of it — America’s socializing media staying silent.

Your statement, asking “America: Think” won’t happen. First of all, Americans don’t have the truths to think with. Then second, since the 1960s, they don’t “think American” as we do. Half of the American’s minds are confused with Socialism’s indoctrination, beliefs, and they can’t recognize the truths. And the unions have played their part in accomplishing that too. Our job, to recover Patriotic America to think “American” needs some doing addressing the source of the problem if it is going to be eliminated so the people can get and believe the truths.

How did the Enemy Within accomplish their evil? First, their movement is built on lies. Then they work undercover and keep their intentions and activities secret. Our Educational Socialists undermined the National Education Association and got control, turning it into a teacher’s union. The political peanut farmer, whose mind was captured by the U.N’s ‘One-World Government’ idealism, gave the Educational Socialists, through the NEA, the Department of Education. Now they have control of the classroom curriculum and started their indoctrination of unconscious socialists into a world view, sans Americanism. For five years, TCF has expounded that the trouble with the schools was the teacher’s union.  Finally, I’ve read recently that is making the Conservative media including the Wall Street Journal.

And it is the same Socialist’s encroachment story of the rest of what has gone wrong with America.  And today, they occupy the White House and the roots of power.  The Constitutional Foundation moves to destroy them before they completely destroy Americanism.  It can be done simply, but not without effort.

Titan International makes tires.  Don’t you start the process with the raw materials — rubber?  Titan, along with American industry, has serious union problems, and they grow.  Do you believe to eliminate them, the place to start is the source of the union’s power, who are supported by the Socialists?  It was the American (Fabian) Socialists who created the Wagner Act.  That is monopoly over the workers, but the means to buy the government — AND I MEAN B-U-Y IT.  That is what has to be destroyed first to break the trade union’s power.  They should be a volunteer membership organization as are all organizations in America.

It took TCF four years to expose the socialization of America before Americans would even believe that socialism was even possible for America!

Now we move to destroy the Enemy Within, these anti-American Socialists and Communists who infest America’s education system and government along with their movement’s organizations–before they destroy Americanism, which they are!  You stated it also.  The machinery is in place to get the job done, but the minds necessary to create the momentum are as closed and blocked with their self-importance beyond belief — for known reasons.  Except the Commander of the VFW cracked a dozen of them this week, and TCF intends to use that to crack many more — hopefully.  But it is going to take more exposure than TCF can generate, as time is critical anymore.

In TCF’s library and files are the truths that have been withheld from the people ever since the Fabians arrived to Socialize America, and to give up Her sovereignty to the United Nations’ one-world government.  It is the untold and unknown political history of America commencing in 1900 to date of the Socialization of America that gives America’s enemy their power and ability to exist.  That chain of events leads right into the White House and Congress.  They are the truths that America’s socialized media won’t tell the people, but TCF does in bits and pieces.  That is not fast enough! Once the people know the truths, America’s Enemy Within’s days are numbered.  How it will be done is suggested in “Obama, America’s Traitor in the White House”.  The papers also inform the Grizzly of the how’s and why’s of why American went wrong.  Others are on the website, and TCF invites your attention to “The Forest Instead of the Trees” for the truths of Evils’ doings, and what is necessary to start the restoration of our America’s Founder’s principles.

There is nothing to enjoy about the reading of a treachery that is hardly believable.  Hopefully, for America’s sake, The Grizz will see his way to write about what happened to America too, and tell the people!

Toby Elster


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