Dear Americans For Prosperity

A recent letter from Mr. Phillips stated, “There are simple steps Congress can take TODAY that will put our country on the road to economic recovery; yet, too many lawmakers lack the will to get the job done!”

The Constitutional Foundation, after 40 years of researching “WHAT WENT WRONG WITH AMERICA” says you are dreaming.  Those lawmakers are bought and serve those who bought them, not the people!  Have the people of AFP, which we are aware of since AFP’s inception, and all the good they have done which is very commendable, know why the Conservatives have such a dismal record of even slowing America’s deterioration — caused by socialization of America?

TCF if aware that the “REAL power to change the direction of our country lies with the people.” But we also know that if We, the People, don’t know the truths and stay uninformed about the reasons and causes of America’s problems, that “REAL power” stays dormant.  That is what the Conservatives DO NOT realize.

The military is well aware that if one does not destroy their enemy the enemy will destroy them.  And that is EXACTLY what is happening to America, as the Enemy Within chips away at America’s foundation — THE CONSTITUTION!  If one fights to SAVE AMERICANISM, that is exactly what needs addressing as a first priority as they fight for their issues.

The Enemy Within, America’s anti-American Socialist Constitution-destroyers and those who abet them such as ‘bought’ Congressman, progress their cause on lies, misinformation, and propaganda are very persistent, never go away, and never believe they are wrong, who destroy America’s economy and military might, are pushed along with America’s Communists who don’t allow laws, ethics, allegiances, morality, responsibilities, et al, or the Oath of Office stand in their way.  Communists because they have dictator’s mentality — and they laugh at petitions.  Their current patsy, patron, duped sits in the Oval Office.  Those who saw to getting him there are most likely disgusted, are plotting how to salvage what they can and deciding who will follow him.  They don’t go away, so they must be destroyed.  THERE IS A SOLUTION TO DESTROYING THEM!

Every Conservative organization should make the solution of amending the Constitution as suggested on this site, their first priority if the Enemy Within is going to be destroyed PERMANENTLY so they never come back! Thank you for your hard work!
Toby Elster


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