“The Obamacare Disaster” & “The Patriot’s Toolbox”

The author of “The Obamacare Disaster”, Peter Ferrara, was only partly correct when he stated Obamacare is a disaster.  Obama, himself, is also a disaster as a Communist.  The first speech he gave, we knew exactly what he was; knew that his ‘change’ would be (and unfortunately, we were disappointed); and I told all who would listen, “Don’t believe a word he says”.  What we underestimated is his arrogance, and we did so tremendously!  We didn’t believe him to be that dumb, but thankfully, it appears to be his dismissal.  The damage he has done already to Americanism is a treachery.

TCF writes to bring a couple omissions to Mr. Ferrara’s attention.  Privatizing Social Security, which he never mentioned, is also a solution for Medicare.  When it was put forth by president George W. Bush, I examined a couple of plans, and therein was the answer for health insurance.  I set it out in a letter to an editor, and soon others appeared, refining my figures and improving on the benefits of privatized Social Security.

Briefly, if a worker has $2,000 annually go into a private Social Security fund which earns 10% compounded, after 42 years that fund is over $600,000.  If half was used for health insurance (Medicare), the balance, $300,000, gives him a retirement of $30,000 annually and the principle remains intact.  Today, he gets $10,000.  Mr. Ferrara should have mentioned Social Security and a solution for Medicare in his “Obamacare” booklet.  That would make Obamacare worse than it already is — a greater disaster then mentioned, compared to what can be.

There is only one sure solution to America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers — the Obama types.  It is a permanent solution which should be a must, or they will be back.  The Socialists never believe they are wrong.  They never quit or go away.  But America can change that!

Amend the Constitution’s definition of TREASON to make these Constitution-destroyers the TRAITORS they are, punishable for Treason and America’s Socialists and Communists will run for cover, forget about promoting their Constitution-destroying beliefs  or go to jail!  These anti-Americans are more dangerous than our spies who spy for a foreign country.

The message must be communicated to the people.  They are the only ones who can make it happen, but first they must know about the proposal and America’s Enemy Within!

Toby Elster


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