Environmental & Climate News – The Heartland Institute

The Heartland Institute and Mr. Taylor do deserve acclaim for what they do to expose the truths of environmental matters. I do believe we, the sane ones of common sense of environmental matters, are winning the fight.  When I got started in the environment of the world changer’s manipulation of climate change for political reasons at it’s inception in the 1960’s, all there was to fight their misinformation, propaganda and lies were common sense.  I recall Dr. Singers first papers and book and knew the fight was on.  But even the truths didn’t counter the tactics of the ‘greens’.  The public, well brainwashed by then, are non-believers of factual environmental science while the money that flows into the ‘green’ business keeps Congress’ head mute.  But we did get to them, in many cases to hold their minds and wait and see.  But more has to be done.

It is most pleasing to see Dr. Singer is now in the fight full force with the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change of truthful environmentalists.  There should be an advantage to classify the environmentalists into their two categories; those whose minds can be made to see the truths, as “Greens” and those who are political bent as ‘color blind Greens of the Communists “red”‘ (Even if Socialists would be more accurate) who serve the one-worlders.

The amount of truthful science now coming to the public: Human Events; American Free Press; The New America (with a most welcome slam on wind with cost figures in Nov. 8,2010 issue, nor overlooking The Heartland Institute, NIPCC, and the few others who joined in.  But the public needs more than science, which tends to go in one ear and out the other.  The message should also include what hits them in the pocketbook to get their undivided attention.  The costs of the asininity of climate change and mostly of alternate fuels.

It is still important to keep the public inundated with the science but the economic costs should be given too.  That is what will swing the ‘Greens’, necessary to bury the ‘color blind Greens’.  A prime example is The New American’s article on wind which sets out that the government pays approximately 40% of the cost for wind generators.  I asked a representative of our local electric company what would happen if the government stopped it’s subsidizing wind generation. “Why, we would have to shut down our wind project, or charge more for electricity”, was his reply.  The waste in the environmental insanity runs into the TRILLIONS of dollars!

Toby Elster


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