Letter to the National Weekly

A letter written by William L. Cimino of Strabane, Penn. asks, “Are there enough individuals left who can save our nation?”  The answer is “YES” if they can be awakened to believe what they have never been told.  He mentions five major American systems that are failing us.  There wouldn’t be if the people knew the truths of why the systems fail.

(Our Education system has a cancer) What the people haven’t been told is that America has had a gradual socialization over the past century.  Our educational socialists got control of America’s public school system in the 1950’s.

(Our judicial system…judges now judge all things) One Roscoe Pound, educated into Hedelism’s Progressiveness, became Harvard’s Law Schools Dean (1916-1936), bridged his progressiveness into the Fabian’s Marxist-Socialism in the law schools became America’s betrayal.

(The House of Congress…working for their own wealth and power.) That goes back to 1935 when our Fabian President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, gave the hierarchy of the unions a monopoly over the workers — join, pay dues or no jobs.  They amassed so much money they actually BOUGHT the government and our Congress.  The consequences thereof was the shift of power from We, the people to special interests.

(Federal Reserve Bank) That goes back to the first decade of the 1900’s.  A Rothschild of the European banking family, met with John D. Rockefeller.  He explained to Rockefeller all the advantages of a central bank would be to them.  So, with a bought Senator on a midnight secret session, America got the Federal Reserve.  Now, the bankers controlled the world currency and American taxpayers have been ‘backing’ the banker’s loans ever since.

(The Presidential Office is almost dictorial)  Two reasons: Our Congressional cowards yield their power to him.  All of our elected and appointed take the Oath of Office, swearing to protect and defend the Constitution.  None do anymore, except our Military.  The Oath needs teeth that bite such as to impeach.

Let’s not forget what has happened to our media!

Toby Elster


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