The Patriot’s Toolbox and America’s Enemy Within

Some things that the TCF  has learned since 1952 is that America has an Enemy Within of anti-Americans whose efforts are the destruction of Americanism’s foundation, the Constitution, to obtain their objective of a socialized America.  They must be destroyed if America’s principles are to be restored — and restored permanently for centuries to come, or these anti-Americans will be back.

America’s Enemy was researched, and answers uncovered, that leaves very little, if any doubt who the enemy is, how they seek to attain their ends into the face of the opposition against them, their origin, their philosophy, beliefs, objective and why and how they progressed into the White House.  It took TCF four years to expose the socialization of America and dispel the myths of Socialism within the society.  That was also an education for us to set the pattern to SAVE AMERICA from itself and create a climate for a guaranteed restoration of Americanism and the Founder’s principles to their former greatness and power; which is the road to peace and prosperity.

Before the solution can be guaranteed, one must know the reasons and causes of what went wrong with America.  What went wrong that America was able to be socialized at the expense of it’s once fierce patriotism.  It began at the top, then, since FDR was President, Socialism was moved into the society through America’s education system, indoctrinating unconscious Socialists who today are the cadre of Obama’s supporters.  America’s Socialists have had a lot of help getting there from some of our most powerful leaders.  One could truthfully state that Washington D.C. has become a den of corruption of America’s principles.

To destroy the Enemy Within, the military knows best why it must be done’ if one doesn’t destroy their enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  And that is what is happening to America’s foundation, Her Constitution; while there has been no meaningful effort to counter it.

America’s Enemy Within has an origin of 250 years coming out of Germany and Western Europe which says they will not go away, and even if stalled or set back, have returned, and will again, if not destroyed.  That conveys the message that the enemy is understood.  As President George Washington recognized them in the colonies, and sent them back to Europe from where they came.  In the mid 1800’s, they went back as the Hegelite Progressives in academe, and in 1899, they came to America as Liberals to teach their ‘New Education’, Marxist-Socialism, to stay after they got funded by the greedy, and penetrated America’s colleges of influence to penetrate the second tier of government.  They were the Fabians, kept well hidden and their objective never known, with no different methods than their predecessors, and change America’s patriotic cultural mindset after they penetrated America’s K-12 public educational system by America’s educated educational Socialists.  Within 50 years, they had control of America’s public schools.  And the book, as does all others, never mentions America’s Enemy Within.  There is more to be said of America’s changed mindset, but the comments concerning some Chapters of “The Patriot’s Toolbox” might ‘hint’ of them.

Chapter 1:  There was no mention of Social Security, yet if SS was privatized, it would also pay health insurance and be savior of Medicare.  I also received “The Obamacare Disaster”.  To my surprise was the author’s setting out what I exampled when President George W. Bush attempted to privatize SS; that if half of the $600,000 I calculated vs. Mr. Farrara and Mr. Shipmans’s $855,000 fund was used to pay for Medicare, the annual retirement payment from privatized funds would still pay three to perhaps five or six times more than what the government allows.  I’ve seen privatized funds as high as $1.2 million.  And that is a Congressional crime against America’s workers and retirees.

Chapter 2:  When I got into environmental matters at it’s inception, there was no science to counter the misinformation, propaganda, lies and scare tactics of the political world socializers, the colorblind ‘greens’ of Communist ‘red’, they were flooding the world with.  Today, there is tons of science coming from reliable labs and researchers.  Heartland’s conferences on environmentalism is very commendable and beneficial, but the public should have a constant bombardment of the truths of the environment.  Obamacare is a disaster, but the disaster of the environment scam runs into wasted trillions of dollars.  That needs to be halted, and halted immediately.

Chapter 3:  School reform:  Where are the comments and revelations of the truths of the school’s curriculum indoctrinating socialism and the U.N.’s worldview sans Americanism?  For instance, children’s grade school peace poster contests, which are nothing but propaganda for multiculturalism (which is now getting slammed as unworkable by Angela Markel, Germany’s Chancellor) and a world without borders, which common sense says is asinine and the European Union is proving it.  The problem with the schools is and has been, ever since they came to be, the teacher’s union.  By the 1950’s, America’s Educational Socialist obtained, through penetration, control of the NEA, and made it into a teacher’s union for power and control.  When Jimmy Carter delivered the Department of Education to them, these Socialist educators now had control over the classrooms curriculum and America’s public education.  And classroom results have deteriorated while costs have skyrocketed, nor will this change until the teacher’s NEA is returned to the patriotic teachers and the schools to the parents, teachers, and the states.  Regain control over the schools by Patriotic Americans is a must and first priority to restoring Americanism and the Founder’s principles.

Other Chapters addressed the overburdening rules, regulations and intrusive government ‘strings’ that are destroyers of the economy, freedoms, and the people’s rights.  TCF sums that up as “Human ingenuity is the best provider and organizer for human’s needs and wants.  All government does is get in the way.”  And the bigger the govnerment, the more in the way, until it stifles progress and production.

Human ingenuity is the secret to saving America and Her Constituion.  But first, the anti-American Constitution destroyers, America’s Enemy Within, must be out of the way — permanently if it is going to happen to America again, what has happened in the past century.  And again, until these nation-destroyers get their way if they are not destroyed.

American ingenuity, well demonstrated in winning WW II, and, on a small scale, saving the 33 miners trapped in Chile a half mile underground.  It was American equipment and American drillers who drilled the scape hole.  So what is human ingenuity?  Only the ability to allow humans to function which the Constitution gave Americans the right and freedom to do so.

American ingenuity is so referred to because Americans had the freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law to function as necessary.  Government, during the first two hundred years, was small, non intrusive, and the Constitution reigned supreme, and America created the greatest economy and power the world has ever had.  That is fast disappearing under the Socialist/Communist control of the Administration and go-along Congress.  They are America’s Enemy Within of today that must be removed and destroyed, before America’s greatness can be restored and stays restored for the coming generations.

What were the Conservatives doing that was ineffective beyond possibly slowing the socialization of America?  They concentrate on their own issue(s) instead of a broad frontal attack, and moving to get their own elected, hoping for a friendlier Congress, mostly in vain.  They do not understand the enemy.  If they understood how Congress works, in the closets, and how they serve those they are beholden to, they do not know how to fight it.  When they do get friendly legislation, it’s mostly a cover page victory, as the legislation ends up watered down or lots of what counters what they did get.  Should a ground swell deliver what they wish, they forget about tomorrow in their elation, while the enemy is planning end runs around what is in their way.

How does the enemy accomplish their way, get what they want, to the detriment of the people’s wellbeing?  Those at the top who set the policy, do not have strings or reins on those who deliver for them.  They do have lots of wealth and buy many of our Congressmen, but mostly they accomplish through influence, patience and persistence.  They know if what they can’t accomplish today, they will the next day.  When the Patriotic do get ‘their man’ elected, the enemy knows how to bend them their way.  Through their influence, the enemy controls the power structure of the governmental process, loosely but effective.

How does the Constitutional Foundation know?  From an understanding of the unwritten and unknown political history of America, kept secret by their total influence over America’s mass media.  The Conservative media, coming to be with the internet and talk show hosts, have exposed a lot, but the power of the socialized media keeps the truths in doubt, their misinformation or censorship continues to dominate American minds because those minds have been educated to their beliefs.

Woodrow Wilson was not the choice of the Democrat Party to be President.  Those who wanted a more ‘bendable’ choice to serve their purpose got Wilson nominated then elected.  He didn’t disappoint them, and Americans got legislation they have not been able to shed themselves of.  Many say the income tax and the Federal Reserve central bank do not serve the people.  FDR’s greatest anti-American treachery was to let America’s Communist spies create the United Nations, their, as planned, world headquarters for a one-world government.  The U.N. has influenced America’s foreign policy ever since, except during the tenure of three Presidents; Eisenhower, Reagan, and George W. Bush’s first term.  LBJ let them conduct the Vietnam War.  Goldwater was considered unreliable to their cause.  The enemy threw all they could to keep him from getting elected.  Carter was their patsy.  Reagan they couldn’t stop.  But they still had 300 advisers in his administration for damage control.  The organizations that tried to tell the people the truths, they destroyed so their influence was doubted or made unbelievable.  Truman vilified Sen. McCarthy to keep him from telling the truths of what FDR did allowing the Soviet spies to operate as he tried to Socialize America.  George W. Bush attacked the Enemy Within’s citadel, the U.N., as being inept and ineffective, and they came down on him with their total influence over the world’s socialized media.  And if the Patriots believe they can change America by overcoming the power of Evil with those they have elected, and continue to use the same methods and beliefs for restoring Americanism, they won’t — unless they destroy America’s Enemy Within also.

The Constitutional Foundation’s forty years of researching America’s Enemy Within says they can be destroyed — and destroyed permanently.  The method is simple and in place, but it will take the influence of Patriotic Americans, their demands and moving in the same direction with the same message.  AMEND THE CONSTITUTION’S DEFINITION OF TREASON TO INCLUDE ALL WHOSE EFFORTS OR SEDITION WILL OR CAN DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION, BE MADE THE TRAITORS THEY ARE, PUNISHABLE FOR TREASON.  There is a far more friendlier pro-American Congress, and with enough force on them to pass the Amendment.  The States will ratify it.  And while they are at it, the Oath of Office, which is ignored and trampled on by all who swear to uphold it, except the military, be given teeth that bite.  Either live up to the oath or resign, if not punishable by the amended Constitution.

Toby Elster


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