A message for Kansas 9/12 Groups

Five of the most important issues facing this new Congress and Kansas is this:

1. Cut taxes, especially business taxes.

2. Hold the Budget AS IS, at least, for the next 3 to 5 years until it is balanced with spending.

3. School District law suits.  This needs to be stopped.  A judge has not business in the Legislature’s business.  Someone should pay dearly for this.

4. Schools problems all begin with the Teacher’s Union.  Schools are over funded and top heavy with administration.  Cut budgets and don’t allow and dismissing of teachers or closing schools.

5. Kansas has a huge RINO problem!

The Wichita-South Central Kansas 912 Group’s Mission Statement reads, “…group who is dedicated to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers’ principles ands values.”  When they gave them to We, the People, they also warned us to guard them, or else lose them!  We, the People, haven’t been, and we definitely are not now!  The reason is We, the People, have not been told, do not know, and consequently, won’t believe that America has an Enemy Within that ‘writes’ a political history of America of evil, treachery, lies, and treason that undermines America’s foundation — Her Constitution.  They do this for the purpose of socializing America into the United Nations’ one-world government.  This has been going on in America for the past century, but this evil has a history of a chain of events 250 years long.  This mentality has penetrated the White House and Congress.  Their chain of events can be traced by the 200 million bodies in mass graves that their beliefs have caused, and those footprints lead into the White House today.  That I have referred to Obama as a Communist is not an idle statement.  These wannabe world rulers have been chipping away at America’s foundation, the Constitution, and We, the People’s freedoms, rights, private property and Rule of Law.  In 1935, FDR, through the trade union’s power, gave them the means to shift the power from We, the People to private interests, and they’ve held it ever since.  Why Congress wouldn’t listen or serve We, the people.  And all the people have been able to do is complain, as this evil has progressed it’s way into the White House too.  And they use the very Constitution to get their way.  Something is not only drastically wrong; something drastic has to be done.  America’s anti-American Enemy Within must be destroyed before they destroy Americanism.  Every body in the military knows an enemy will.

Will the Tea Partiers change things?  Not if they don’t get the message and start believing the hidden truth of what is happening in America.  Considering that the Conservatives have been fighting the Enemy Within for 60 years, and in that time the Enemy has progressed into the White House in force.

When We, the People believe what happened to America, things will change, and change in a hurry.

Toby Elster


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