The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

To be brief and to the point sans explanations of why and where attacks on Ronald Reagan are generated.

The use of semantics of liberal, left, left-wing, extreme left, et al, is like scratching off a blemish on an apple, but it is rotten to the core.  America’s Enemy Within, those you addressed as above as trying to destroy Reagan and his legacy, are American educated Socialists and Communists.  And even the Islamists have joined in, aware of America’s weakness and reluctance to attack those who work to destroy Americanism.  Even Newsweek called them what they are — Socialists; America’s Constitution-destroyers and all the beliefs of Ronald Reagan.  We will not win that fight until America’s Enemy Within is destroyed and out of the way of Patriotic Americans.

TCF can only wish you the best of luck in your endeavor and introduce the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation to the permanent solution to America’s Enemy Within’s destruction and moving them out of the way of Patriotic American’s way for restoring the Founder’s principles.  Hopefully, The Presidential Foundation will do all it can to spread the message of the solution to America’s destruction.

Toby Elster


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