To the Heritage Foundation

You are being addressed to get The Heritage Foundation’s attention.  In forty years of delving into the depths of ‘What Went Wrong With America’, it is appalling of how much effort, funds, and energy has been expended, and is, on trying to overcome and nullify America’s Enemy Within, Her anti-American Socialists, Constitution-destroyers, with such meager results.  A few mailings have been made to The Heritage Foundation previously on America’s Enemy Within.  Now, The Constitutional Foundation puts forth the solution to the problem.  The solution has been designed to protect the Constitution and We, the people’s freedoms and rights for centuries to come.

The suggested amendment to the Constitution gives the Constitution the means to protect itself.  Also, We, the people, the means to guard and defend our freedoms, rights, private property, and the rule of law from nefarious attacks.

The solution follows the military’s philosophy that if one doesn’t destroy their enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  That is exactly what is happening to America for the past century.  Getting the Enemy Within out of the way will allow The Heritage Foundation to exert it’s expertise towards restoring America’s founding principles.  Then, American ingenuity, depending on the people’s freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law, will be able to function, and will restore America’s greatness, wealth, charity and character.

The amendment’s message must be spread far, wide, and often for the Patriotic to get it enacted!!!

Toby Elster


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