Wall Street Journal Response – 11/22/10

Item One: Page C5: Commodities, the picture of an oil pumping unit in the front, which has nothing to do with an oil drilling rig in Long Beach or anywhere else.  The head of that pump travels up and down about 3-4 feet and sucks up the oil in every oil field where the oil doesn’t flow.  Like it did in the Gulf for BP.

Item Two: Page Al8: The EPA Permitorium – Doesn’t the WSJ’s writers recognize dictatorships at work?  Another Communist in the administration pleasing the Chief Communist — not a Socialist.  Socialism: Basically a Statism economy; Communism: a socialist economy controlled by a dictator.  As Lenin and Stalin both said, Socialism is the first step to Communism (since Socialism progresses there.)

Item Three: Page R1: Trade – What kind of Trade? The only trade that really works is absolute FREE Trade — no taxes or tariffs on goods coming or going.

Item Four: Page R11: An Arnie Duncan mind can never fix the broken education system.  The trouble with American education is the teacher’s union.  They are socialized!!!

Item Five: An aside, Page A17: Haiti? No solution there until the U.N. is out!  There democracy and police must get honest — by force again if needed.

Toby Elster


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