America’s Great Dupes; Lenin’s methods at work

Background: Obama’s 34 Czars who head up the Administration’s Departments, create the rules and regulations which lets, We the People, ‘have it’ as these Socialist/Communist Czars do Obama’s bidding, finishing off turning America into a socialized society.

Lenin’s “three steps forward, two back” is at work fooling the Dupes into thinking we are winning.  I’m listening to a CNN panel discussion of the lame duck session of Congress, comprised of Bob Woodward, Tom Brokaw, Doris Goodwin and Peggy Noonan of the WSJ.  The session turned into crowing for Obama’s victories in the lame duck session by three of them.  Peggy Noonan’s words of caution was lost in the adulation of Obama’s ‘comeback’.

Monday Dec. 27th’s Wall Street Journal tells a different story.  The articles repeated headlines read: “Ag Department Uproots Science”; “Confessions of a State Stimulus Czar”‘ and ad letter from ATP Oil & Gas Corporation begging “Obama and Czar of the U.S. Department of Interior, Kenneth Salzar to allow them to drill an already approved application in the Gulf”; “Palin’s Food Fight” (vs Michelle Obama’s Childhood Obesity Campaign. That is not where the government’s nose belongs!); “America’s Dangerous Rush to Shrink It’s Military Power”; or look into the environmental EPA’s Czars dictorial powers.  “Manufacturing Unemployment; Stopping Obama’s regulatory agenda can’t wait until 2012” (National Review, December 31, 2010) the last sentence reads, “American manufacturing isn’t dead yet, but it is up to Congress to save it.”  There are many others that don’t get much attention, all samples of Obama’s dictorial Czars’ laws coming from their rules and regulations undoing Patriotic America’s America that destroys America’s well-being, power, economic strength, and military might for their socializing America ideas and beliefs for a global government under the U.N.

Us Patriots are not winning America’s internal war against the Enemy Within, America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers.  Allowing these Traitors to use the Constitution to destroy it is self-destructive insanity.  Amend the Constitution to make these Traitors punishable for Treason, and America solves Her Enemy Within induced problems.  We, the People, will have the means to protect our freedoms and rights!

America is for Americans!
Toby Elster


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