Reply to “Outline of a Platform for Constitutional Government” Imprimis, Nov. 2010

Dr. Arnn, may I add to your outline?  Not as an expert on the Constitution, but as one who understands why events occur as they do, from human minds, with the authority and ability to create ‘change’ to their liking and move forward with their beliefs.

Wayne LaPierre, Executive VP of the NRA, recently wrote: “The anti-gunners now control the legislative power of Congress, the rule-making power of the federal agencies, and the judicial appointment power of the Senate.”  And he goes on to point out what in every one of those arenas constantly attack the second amendment.  Why is that so important?  Considering only the driving force behind the anti-gunners, not those who guns scare and move on an emotional basis, but those who are nefarious wannabe world rulers and changers, the United Nations global government movers.  Guns in citizen’s hands petrify them and keeps them from moving very aggressively to take control.  What is true of that which Mr. LaPierre stated about guns, is certainly true for the entire Constitution’s well-being, as you well know.

Whether it was by omission or overlooked by the Founders, but the warning to We, the People, to guard our given liberties, has not worked against a taken-for-granted America’s principles society being undermined and attacked by an anti-American cabal of wannabe world leaders, supported by an untold and unsuspecting cadre of American educated unconscious Socialist followers, which has caused Mr. LaPierre to state what he did.  These anti-American world wannabe leaders are more dangerous to America’s constitutional principles then those who spy for a foreign country.  They are America’s Enemy Within, trying to ‘change’ what America stands for to their mistake and unworkable beliefs.

Dr. Arnn’s “Outline” of the captioned, when it comes to “Internal Security” has no more security for Americanism then does the Founder’s warning.  Internal Security should be as strong; if not moreso, as National Security.  Culutural creep into a foreign ideology should be prevented by the required education of Americanism to every generation.  The Oath of Office should have teeth that bite!  Except to a few and the military, the Oath is a farce, ignored and walked on by all who take it.  Then the definition of Treason in the Constitution needs to include all whose efforts to destroy the Constitution be made the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason, for Internal Security to be effective as needed.

Isn’t America being in a self-destructive, insane state allowing those who hate America to use the Constitution to destroy it and all America stands for?  Make those anti-American Constitution-destroyers the treasonous traitors they are, and Internal Security will be in place to prevent what has happened to America during the 20th Century to never occur again.

As the NRA fights to keep the Second Amendment, as the Founders intended, the Constitution needs a firmly stated Rule of Law for Internal Security so that the guns in the citizen’s hands will never have to be used to keep the Constitution in force as the Founders intended.

The intent of Internal Security should be to not only destroy America’s Enemy Within, but to do so permanently so all future generations efforts can be aimed at peace and prosperity for humanity, and not wasted keeping wannabe world rulers from destroying Americanism.  Otherwise, destroying today’s enemies won’t keep others from trying again.  History has tons of efforts to prove that.

America is for Americanism!

Toby Elster


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