Surrendering our Sovereignty – America’s 1st Freedom – Response

The captioned is an excellent article on, not only the world socialists’ move against the Second Amendment, but the Constitution in it’s entirety; to attain their objective — a world of socialism under their global government.  That America has gotten into such an anti-American threat was decades in coming.  Mr. LaPierre stated the U.N. “by using ‘human rights’ as a means to breach our national sovereignty” to attack the Second Amendment.  I recall a “Civil Rights Law” that got passed by America’s Socialists to breach the Constitution, when Mr. M.L. King Jr. could have used the Constitution’s tenets, per se, to acquire his people’s rights they were entitled to.  Except that would not give our Socialists, M.L. King Jr.’s advisors, who the FBI had under surveillance, the means to bend and warp the Constitution to suit their ends.  America slept then too, while the media censored that out of the news also.

That the Constitutional Foundation calls Obama a Traitor, a Communist, is no idle statement.  If the difference between the two ideologies, Socialism and Communism, escapes you, TCF repeats what Lenin and Stalin considered them.  Socialism is basically an economic statist system to redistribute wealth.  Put a dictator over the system and one has Communism.

TCF, in it’s research of “What Went Wrong with America”, digging out and exposing the socialization of America that was censored out by the media, also researched why the Conservative organizations have such a dismal record of not being able to barely slow the Socialist’s progress, let alone stop them from moving into the White House with a cabal of Communist Czars, working to destroy, not only the NRA and the Second Amendment, but Americanism too.  Form that research a solution came forward that will destroy America’s anti-American Enemy Within, Her Constitution-destroyers, and do so permanently.

The message to amend the Constitution must be spread far, wide, and often to alert all patriotic Americans to what they don’t know.  Americans have never been told about America’s Enemy Within.  America’s Enemy Within’s problem is not going to be solved until the people know what they haven’t been told — that which the media has censored out by omission.

For America’s Sake

Toby Elster


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