The American Spectator, “Is Any Part of the Constitution Unconstitutional?” by Andrew Napolitano – Response

The captioned article was a very enlightening explanation of the 17th Amendment.  I never considered it of very much importance.  But anything that ‘checks on the voracious federal appetite for power’ is important.  Yet moreso, is the Constitution in it’s entirety as America’s foundation to retain it’s greatness and power to allow American ingenuity to recreate what America was, and should be, if the world will ever know peace and prosperity?

What is American ingenuity?  For one thing, it won WWII and destroyed the greatest maniacal attempt of a wannabe world ruler.  By definition, as human ingenuity, it fulfills the truism: “Humans are they best providers and organizers to obtain their needs and wants.  All government does it get in the way.”  For American ingenuity was what the Founders created for We, the People: Our freedoms, rights, private property and rule of law.  It proved to be the secret to peace and prosperity for humanity.  We were warned to guard what the Founders deeded to We, the People, but that has proved to be not enough against the evil of those wannabe world rulers and their nefarious ways.  Cultural creep, of taking the status quo forgranted, opens the door to them when the society fails to educate every generation to America’s principles and is America’s major problem today — the voracious federal appetite for power to change America into something the Founders warned us about.

That worst of all, 110 years ago came to American shores a group known as Fabians, with their evil of Marxist Socialism, to socialize America into their dream of a global government.  These Fabian’s ideology, beliefs and dogma, paralleled the evil that was destroyed in WWII.  Now Americanism is under attack from within by a very powerful force of evil that is destroying what the Founders created.  Today this evil controls America’s governing bodies, have created an anti-American mindset in the society that is obvious at the ballot boxes, and are now arranging their damage control from what the November election up-ended of their progress.  The Tea Party insurgency, that the captioned article sets out, should it come to be, won’t stop them.  Even if the 2012 election sets them back some more, losing control over the governing bodies, losing some of their gains, they will still be undercover, waiting for their next opportunity to arise again.  They know from lost of experience, that their persistence will eventually gain them their ends.  They fail eventually, not from any resistance, but because their system fails them as unworkable.  The society becomes bankrupt, in economic slavery, destitute and in misery.  Only for their followers to try again.

These Socialists/Communists have a 250 year history of the evil of world ruler wannabes, which brought forth the French Revolution, Socialism, Communism, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and many others of their ilk, which only proves they will be back.  To them, America must be ‘conquered’ through Her own leaders or they cannot succeed.  Socializing America to destroy Her foundation, the Constitution, and cede Her sovereignty to their global government is a must!

As the military knows, if one does not destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  And that is exactly what is happening to American society as the evil undermines America’s foundation.  America’s Americanism is under attack and is being destroyed ever since FDR was President.  Their recruits grow in number daily, changing America’s beliefs with their control of the public schools, into a socialistic — the government will provide mindset from what the people used to do for themselves and America worked and was great.  Patriotism then was never questioned.  America’s Enemy Within, Her anti-American Constitution-destroyers, must be destroyed, and destroyed permanently, if Americanism is going to survive this or the next generation.

There is a solution to destroy America’s Enemy Within and assure Americanism’s survival for centuries to come.  But first, where is this writer coming from?  In 1952, in military intelligence school, we were told America had an enemy within moving America to adopt the Soviet’s Communism.  We laughed!  Who could penetrate America’s patriotism with such a foolish idea?  In 1970, I discovered it was true.  The evil was active, undermining America’s mindset to their beliefs, and making progress educating students into anti-Americanism.  My curiosity exploded!

Until 2002, I researched who was telling the truth, all I could find out about America’s Enemy Within, and from where they came, how they penetrated into America’s school system, how they operated, who helped them, and the secrets to their success.  Then I researched back to where their philosophy, ideology, and beliefs arose; and then why their progress in America hadn’t been exposed and their progress halted? From that comes the solution to destroy America’s Enemy Within, and do it permanently.  In 2002, realizing that Americans didn’t know what was happening to their ‘taken for granted’ America, because they had never been told, the treachery being censored by the media, (it’s not bias, it is censorship by omission), The Constitutional Foundation came into being to change that by exposing the socialization of America and all it’s nefarious, sordid events of treason and treachery by the unsuspected.

TCF also seeks a mind-grabbing message: “AMERICA IS FOR AMERICANS”! We hope it denotes that citizens can think and believe as they wish, but, as de do not, by law, allow threats to authority, especially the president, that should also apply to destroying the Constitution.  For those coming to America legally, with the intent to stay, then their intent should also mean becoming a citizen.  America must stop the insanity of self-destruction by allowing any ideologies or beliefs foreign to the Founder’s beliefs, the right to undermine America’s Foundation, as is happening from those ideologies being promoted as a substitute for the Constitution’s Rule of Law or being taught in American schools, for a nefarious purpose.

Putting teeth that bite in the Oath of Office should be a must too.

For America’s Sake,

Toby Elster


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