To TARS groups…

Here’s to hoping you don’t forget that a weed, to destroy it, must be cut off at the roots.  As blooming Republicans, hopefully Conservative ones, to stand above the crowd, it is necessary to seek out the ROOTS of the problem for two reason: to keep it from coming back and for a permanent solution.  Today, politicians don’t practice that.  They correct problems by adding more of the same to them, then wonder why that doesn’t work either.  AKA, as piling laws upon laws, never killing the ‘weed’.

Your efforts to start Republicans clubs in your schools is very admirable.  We with you success and hope you move into Conservatism.  No one seems to be able to define a Conservative.  TCF does as one who believes in what has been tried, what has worked, and use those principles for the present and into the future.  That was a base for America’s first 200 years that worked, given by the Founders.

Socialists sell their beliefs, which are faulted and unworkable ideas as a dream of a perfect world. (It will be perfect for their ‘upper class’ of elitists only — until there is nothing left to get.) The Democrat party tends towards Socialism, most are found there, but today there are plenty of Republicans with that mindset.  They are known as moderates or RINO’s, which, to fool themselves, don’t understand that is like being just a little bit pregnant with socialist’s ideas.  To get to the roots of Socialism, it is actually an insanity of self-destruction, which has proved itself numerous times. Socialists believe their means justifies their beliefs, the ends, and they use and do anything to win, legal or not, ethical or not.  Issues are important, but they don’t solve very much against America’s Enemy Within.  That’s putting a band aid on cancer.

Good luck and spread the message, for America’s sake!

Toby Elster



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