The Environmental Protection Agency, a hot bed of anti-American Communists-Marxist Socialists, trying to kill fossil fuels, “The EPA’s War on Texas”, (The Wall Street Journal, January 3, 2011) should read three cheers for Texas.  Stay in there Texas and cut the legs from under these Communist-Marxist led by the EPA’s Czars, who, through their rules and regulations, are also destroying America’s manufacturing capability and stopping drilling for oil and natural gas along with mining coal with their phony beliefs of CO2 being a pollutant to hide their distributing the world’s wealth.

In five years says if these Socialists and the turn-coat, yellow-bellied governors who hollered ‘uncle’ at the EPA’s Communist’s dictates have their way, America will be experiencing California’s rolling blackouts of a decade ago, as the EPA’s alternate fuels will show-up their inability to meet America’s energy demands at any cost.  Texas, make Obama’s Communist-Socialists Czars cry ‘don’t whip me again’ and I’ll move there — to help ‘hit’ them again.

Toby Elster


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