We’re raising our own hate mongers (Wichita Eagle 2/27/1990)

George Neavoll’s column, “Hate groups growing dangerous,” which appeared Feb. 11 in The Wichita Eagle, sets forth a deep-seated malaise in our society that needs addressing.  Even to realize that Mr. Neavoll is right in his statement that “each of us accepts the idea that we’re all God’s children and there’s no real distinction among us” won’t change much.

One must understand that religion is the standard by which we measure right from wrong or good from evil.  When they took religion and prayer out of our schools, we set many of our children adrift with no basis for them to judge their actions.

Since the 1940’s, many parents have adopted a popular rationale to raise their children permissively.  How does a child raised without discipline become an adult and have any fortitude or inner strength to face the demanding and competitive society we live in without either copping out or rebelling against authority.

How do our young people, without a satisfactory education to allow them to compete in our society, earn enough to pay their way? Or how does a morally sterile college student — fending off the rhetoric and authority of the numerous misguided bigoted or radical professors and administrators infesting nearly all of our colleges and influencing our students with anti-social, anti-American indoctrination — move into our society?

The answer to all of the above questions is they don’t.  These ‘kids’ cop out or turn radical.  The majority of them don’t wear white sheets or swastika uniforms.  They are found in their many antisocial groups, de facto or pseudo churhces, etc., expounding or preaching hate.

They didn’t just become hate mongers.  Our ‘off-track’ society raises them to be misfits.  They turn to hate in their attempts to find a place for themselves in society.  They believe they are right.  Unfortunately, they haven’t been raise to know or do better!

Toby Elster


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