America Needs Internal Security (Pt 1) Our Enemy Within has free movement to destroy the Constitution

What Americans have not been told, nor will they believe that there is a highly organized, very powerful movement within their Country to socialize America into these wannabe’s global government.  They were started by a handful of European neo-Marxist Socialists, the Fabians in 1899, who claimed ‘they had the answers to eradicate world poverty’ — with the proven unworkable socialism.  They educated the second tier of America’s government, the aides and influential advisors, through our schools.  Now their disciples have progressed, through the Conservatives’ efforts of 65 years of ineffective resistance of their band-aids, into the White House.  They write our rules and regulations, thereby acquiring their socialist objectives, at the expense of our Freedoms, Rights, Private Property and Rule of Law.

These Socialists and Communists (Communism: Socialist statism economics with a dictator) hide under the pseudonyms of Left, Liberal, Progressive, Multiculturalsts, etc., by the same media that censors out by omission what has happened in America.

There is a solution to destroy America’s anti-American Constitution-destroying Enemy Within, with a simple Amendment to the Constitution to make America’s Enemy Within, the traitors they are, punishable for Treason. It is time to save our Country!

America is for Americans!

Toby Elster


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