America Needs Internal Security (Pt. 2)

Patriotic Americans need an understanding that FREEDOM OF SPEECH does not mean allowing an internal Enemy Within the right to free speech to reconform America, because Americans of self-destructive insanity are uninformed, that this Enemy’s intentions are of the Socialists and Communists beliefs in a foreign ideology for global government of socialism under the United Nation’s dictates.

The Constitutional Foundation’s only objective is SAVING AMERICA.  The Founder’s creation which proved that is the only known way to peace and prosperity for the world that humanity created.  Human ingenuity was created by human’s needs and wants from their ability to satisfactorily manage their Freedoms, Rights, Private Property and the Rule of Law the Constitution is supposed to protect, but can’t.

TCF spent numerous years researching for the truths of ‘Why America Went Wrong’.  From the ‘ring’ of the truth, to the chain of events’ puzzle pieces that fit, TCF learned of America’s Enemy Within from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and ‘Z’ to ‘A’.  With that comes the knowledge for solutions to SAVE AMERICA so that the Enemy Within will be destroyed, and destroyed permanently for future generations’ ingenuity as well!

TCF has no interest in naming the traitors and their treachery over the 20th century who were trusted, but were the enemy, their abetors and supporters.  A century ago they could have been tarred and feathered, run out of the country, if not lynched, in the absence of a Constitutional law to prosecute them.  That fate can also be possible for their disciples who now follow their activities and beliefs.  That can be prevented by amending the Constitution, as suggested, which would destroy their anti-American activity and return America to the patriotic America of ingenuity and independence that created peace and prosperity for mankind.  The amendment to the Constitution will accomplish destroying the Enemy Within, and protect America’s Constitutionally given rights.

America is for Americans

Toby Elster


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