America Needs Internal Security (Pt 3) How America Gets Attacked

David Limbaugh, Author and Commentary Writer, in a commentary: “Liberals Struggle to Accept Obama’s Mortality”, the Washington Times, NWE of Dec. 13, 2010, states ‘the elites’ uniform disenchantment with Obama says more about them than it does him, namely that they are hopelessly lost in intoxication of their elitism and the mire of their crippling world view…”.  He wrote of those who serve the very top, the wealthiest of the wealthy, depending on their degree of avarice, they make up the world’s policies, especially of trade, finance, and the borders of their world division of major trading zones, to protect their fortunes and make them grow.  Their big drive currently and for the past century has been for a one-world government.  Not to rule, but to hold influence over those that do, so that their power of wealth allows them to do so.  Who are they?

Their organizations by which they influence are as follows: Overseen by the Rothschilds, Europe’s most powerful bankers, is the Royal Institute of Internal Affairs and Bilderbergs.  In America, overseen by the Rockefellers, is the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.  Their directors interlock, and they move as one, the Bilderbergs trying to bring economic and military power to the United Nations.  The United Nations efforts are for a socialized world of a centralization of nations as a management ability.  How do they obtain their objectives?

As an example, they used to use wards to distract people’s attention to get enacted what the people object to.  The atom bomb nullified wars so they needed something else.  The Rockefellers had an aide, who they made wealthy.  They handed that task to him.  He called a meeting of the world’s fifteen greatest Socialists and they met at Iron Mountain, New York, and came up with the environment. (Report from Iron Mountain, Dial Press, 1967).  Then they started the greatest scare tactic of misinformation, propaganda, lies and half-truths — the only honest thing that came from them was that humans pollute, wrapped around over-blown and unscientific consequences that never occur.  This greatest scam of the world’s productive nations was to spread the world’s wealth to themselves and unproductive nations was to spread the world’s wealth to themselves and unproductive third world nations that has cost society trillions of dollars trying to fix Nature’s doings that humans have no control over.  This includes alternate fuels, that are inefficient, require subsidies and will never meet the growing demand for energy; trading in CO2, which is not a ‘green house gas’ or a pollutant but a trillion dollar money maker for the traders and taxes for the United Nations; while working to destroy fossil fuels. This all dong to serve these wannabe world leaders’ desires.  Much of the treachery of the environmental scam has been exposed, but these wannabe world rulers Socialists continue, never admitting they are wrong.  They world consumers are paying dearly for this environmental scam with wasted efforts and higher prices for energy and their needs.

We wonder, what is George Soros doing in America?  Is he here to serve the Bilderberg’s whose distate for America’s independent society, which stands in the way of their one-world government?  Is he the Mr. House of the Rothschild’s, here to bring America’s independence down?

George Soros was an immigrant from Eastern Europe to London.  There he made a large fortune (not hard to do if one serves the wealthiest of bankers who give them inside information), and came to America.  Here he has done nothing with his money except create Socialist organizations, fund many others, and donate to candidates for Congress & Obama.  They are all America’s Enemy Within whose sedition and efforts are to socialize America.  As they have worked for Obama, who has failed them, they will have another to sponsor.  Socialists attain their objectives through persistence.  They are humanities’ enemy that must be destroyed!

AMERICA NEEDS INTERNAL SECURITY against her enemy.  The Enemy Within can be destroyed by a simple amendment to the Constitution that makes all whose efforts are to destroy the Constitution the traitors they are, punishable for TREASON!

Our Enemy is in our midst! Destroy them and save our country!

Toby Elster


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