Red Hot Socialists and the Tucson Tragedy

Why all the media ruckus about the shooting in Tucson?  Can’t the victims have their time of quiet and peace?  There is always an answer if the facts are known.

A lone, known, disturbed youth, Jared Lee Loughner, shot Arizona’s Congressional Representative, Gabrielle Giffords, who he held a grudge against, and had threatened before.  Where was her police protection?  She was speaking to a crowd in a public place and the police were aware of the instability of the shooter.  Then he shot & killed 6 bystanders and wounded 13 more before being subdued and captured.  Why did the Liberals, Left, et al, (all pseudonyms for Socialists) vilify conservatives, their talk show hosts and Sarah Palin in the same outburst, as being responsible because of their rhetoric and oratory — and possibly revenge for their successes at the polls last November?

First, all the Conservatives have that keeps them politically alive is the truth, which they expose to the public.  Socialism is based on lies and corruption.  They have no answers, but failed efforts, compared to the Conservatives’ truths.  So, they ignore the subject and attack and vilify the conservatives, individuals, and their orators who are their opposition.  Since the internet works and talk show hosts have spoken out, the Socialists have been livid, and want to destroy, by shutting them down.  But, their efforts have been in vain.  Since they were told to ‘never let a crisis go to waste’, and the Representative who was shot is a Democrat, they blamed the Conservatives for the insanity of the shooter.

When the Conservative spokespeople defend themselves as being charged with the Socialist ‘hot air’, they become more livid for not having a sensible rebuttle.  With their media’s support, adding more gas to the fire, the whole issue was and is blown out of context with empty charges, by Socialists whose minds tell them they are never wrong.

Toby Elster


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