National Defense — Yesterday and Today

The mission of preserving a strong national defense should start by knowing how/what a strong National Defense is and means.  That requires an examination of what exists currently to define the depths of what has been lost over the generations of a proven National Defense, if any.  To determine what has to be done to restore an indestructible National Defense and National Identity, if necessary.

A proven National Defense occurred in the period prior to and during WWII.  America rose from the depths of the Great Depression when America’s internal attack commenced by an Enemy Within.  A COmmunist Party was very active, Society spies had a free reign, Communism for America was being touted by  many as a way to go, and there was a very active cadre of Americans who had been socialized in their colleges now serving in all levels of government.  Some were spying for the Soviets.  America’s foreign department of the State Department had been penetrated and under the enemy’s influence, promoted global Communism.

As WWII approached, America was divided whether to enter the war.  But, even before Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, a staunch supporter of England, was already supplying England with war materials, even before land lease came to be.  Pearl Harbor decided for America, and in two years, America had build up the strongest military in existence, and moved on two fronts to destroy the intended world rulers.  The patriotism and fortitude of American society was rock-solid.

that occurred because America’s schools instructed only America’s greatness.  Patriotism and American culture and mores were instilled in every student.  Even the Communists, mostly in government, were subdued and undercover.  America, leading the Allies, went on the win the war and victory with the greatest National Defense ever created.

But what the people weren’t told is America’s problem today.  FDR, as President, even though patriotic, was a full blossomed Fabian Socialist.  If he knew, he didn’t believe what Lenin and Stalin had said — that Socialism was the first step to Communism.  FDR created the foundation for the shift of power from We, the People, to private interests.  It was the Fabians of London who brought Socialism to stay through America’s educational system.  They educated Socialism to the second tier of government; the aides, staffs, and positions of influence.  Had it been public knowledge what FDR allowed in his tenure, America’s patriotism might have impeached FDR; but it would have been the end of the Democrat Party.  Sen. Jo McCarthy, trying to get the truth out, was vilified; but it scared the Socialists in government and they went underground, mostly into academia.  Socialists had a free reign to ‘change’ America.

The 1950’s were the start of the decline of National Security and Identity as America’s resolve was being undermined.  The education Socialists gained control of the National Education Association, and turned it into a teacher’s union for political power.  School instruction began a de-emphasis of Americansim and patriotism.

The 1960’s and the Vietnam War was a crisis that the Socialists didn’t waste, at the expense of National Security.  The United Nations outed their true objective to lead a global government.  The Socialists in academia, many of them anti-American, were behind the students demonstrations against the War.  The national media took up their mission and homefront National Security was decimated.  The organizations promoting Socialism, under numerous guises, moved into the courts to circumvent Congress, gaining what Congress wouldn’t give them.  America’s Constitution was being destroyed.  American society was subject to Socialism’s philosophy by now for the past several generations.

To save America, it’s Constitution must be saved and restored.  As military, our knowledge is understanding that if one doesn’t destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  It must be done by the Rule of Law.  Then the Constitution’s definition of Treason must be amended to include all whose actions or sedition will or can destroy the Constitution be made the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  That will require being forced through Congress, and that means alerting the Veterans and the Tea Partiers.

Toby Elster


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