National Security’s Foundation Needs Protection

National Security begins in the people’s minds and progresses as their leaders see fit to apply its mission.  America’s National Security begins in the Constitution, consequently, the foundation of National Security is the Constitution.  It’s strength to remain strong and firm depends on the education and beliefs of the society and those we elect as our leaders.  Those who fill the seats of power and direction of the U.S.A. includes our Congressmen; the Commander-in-Chief, the President; the judges; and the appointees and advisors.  These individuals, who serve under the Oath of Office, to preserve, protect, and defend America’s Constitution, are responsible for the National Security of America.  That includes our freedoms, rights, Rule of Law, and America’s well-being under a peaceful existence for We, the People, to produce and pay just taxes for America to grow economically stronger and more prosperous.

Peace depends on a strong and powerful National Security and military, which requires a strong National Identity of patriots whose education and beliefs establish a strong America patriotism that builds the National Security for America, and, as an example, for the world’s peace and prosperity too.  A strong military depends on a strong economy to pay for the military, a strong diverse-educated society that builds patriotism and creates the technology that a military requires besides the fighting machine of well-trained and equipped soldiers that can be moved and supplied quickly over long distances, as well as the intelligence capability of knowing the enemy’s capability, ways, manners, and intents.  The stronger the military, the more peace it brings and insures.  Stalin, as dictator of the U.S.S.R., stated that America could never be defeated by force, but She could be ‘had’ internally.  He knew what was going on in America under Franklin Roosevelt, that the people didn’t know.  The Fabians, who socialized Western Europe and their colonies with their Marxist-Socialism through education, were also active in America through the colleges of influential learning.  They have been very successful towards accomplishing their objective; a socialized America.  America’s divisiveness is testimony to that.  Is Obama’s dedication to Americanism and it’s National Security strong enough for America’s well-being?  To date, he has not proved it, and some of his National Security issues, such as nuclear defense policies, are under serious question.

Did Stalin, from what he learned from his Soviet and American spies under FDR’s administration of their penetration into the top echelons of America’s government, produce a major factor in the Cold War?  Did Stalin believe America would be ‘had’ internally since America disarmed after WWII, so he could move against Western Europe?  Yet, America’s patriotism and National Security was still rock solid, and Her people were determined to save the peace, which they did.

Education: The backbone and fortitude of National Security is the people.  They must have the will power, a belief in the cause, and the willingness to accept casualties along with the cost to fight a war to win the victory.  The Vietnam War failed in all those categories and the end, as it was, was a pure case of stupidity on Congress’ part.  That War should have raised the question, Why did the home front fail?  American would have learned about the failure of education.

America’s Education Socialists penetrated American education in 1932 through the National Education Association.  By the 1950’s, they had absolute control of the NEA.  They commenced a de-emphasis of Americanism for the United Nations’ world-view, while their colleges were indoctrinating Socialism.  When Carter gave them the Department of Education, they now had control of the school’s curriculum,   and many schools stopped teaching Americanism altogether.  American patriotism took a blow from socialistic consequences of loss of fortitude from statism and welfarism.  To change that means patriotic Americans must retake control of America’s education.  Texas, and now a school in Arizona, have lashed out for Americanism, but all schools must follow to protect the Constitution.

Americans must take back their schools and what is taught in them, educate patriotism of Americanism in order to get it’s leaders to restore America to it’s greatness.  America’s economic and military power of WWII capability needs to be restored to insure peace and prosperity for Americans, and the world who wish to join in.

Toby Elster



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