Review “Time for Americans to Get Obsessed with America” by Dr. Chuck Baldwin

The captioned has a tall mountain to climb, considereing the facts that would & should make them obsessed with America has been hidden from Americans.  We have not been told and do not know the actual political history of America during the 20th Century.  That which has created America’s Internal War that divides the society.  Exposing the facts to Americans leaves them with blank stares of disbelief.  It took the Constitutional Foundation four years to expose America being socialized by making the terms of Socialism; per se, common usage, but it was the ‘Obama crisis’ of learning of his ‘change’ that exploded it.

If it wasn’t for the American Free Press, I’d never get to read Dr. Baldwin’s words of wisdom.  The captioned confirms what I’d realized when it became obvious to me ‘What Went Wrong with America’ was America’s foundation being undermined by the evil of Socialists desiring America be socialized into their beliefs. What America’s socialized media has never told the people.  It is a nefarious, dastardly, treasonous plot, started by a handful of European neo-Marxists, the Fabians, who ‘had all the answer to eradicate poverty from the world’ with their proven to fail Socialism.  With their beliefs for a one-world government, they attracted a powerful American following, educated the second tier government, the aides and advisers of influence, and have been very successful progressing their objective.  Their disciples reside in the White House and write our rules and regulations to the laws they force through our Congress.  They counter the principles of the Founder’s Constitution, as most are aware.  But the crisis it is does not penetrate American minds to the point of realizing theses traitors must be destroyed.  America continues down it’s path of self-destructive insanity of allowing the Enemy Within to function.

Dr. Baldwin wrote of Americans not being “obsessed with America”.  They do not know about America, the danger she is in, nor do they want to believe that America has an Enemy Within who has, on purpose to suit their evil beliefs, practically undone all the Founders gave, We the People.  That they are allowed to use the very Constitution to attain their ends that they are destroying, makes the unobsessed American follow the path of a self-destercutive insanity.  That must change before Americans will ‘Get Obsessed’ — and that also includes the Tea Partiers, who realize a danger of what has happened, but not the crisis involved, or they would have looked for a different solution of more effectiveness.

The Constitutional Foundation has researched America’s Enemy Within, Her Constitution-destroying Socialists and Communists, from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and back.  From that comes the answers to what must be done to change Americans to ‘get obsessed’ again.

The real story in that is the one between the lines.  American society has already attained a socialist mindset of 50% plus.  We are in the Internal War for Internal Security for America against the global wannabes.  It is going to take a ‘jarring’ crisis to swing America back to it’s 75-25 pro-patriotic mindset of yesteryear.  The mindset that protected We, the people’s Freedoms, Rights, Private Property and the Rule of law that said “Hands off our Constitution.”  That is America’s foundation!

The military understands the why of what must be done to SAVE THE AMERICA that was, and should be.  That reason and the solution for a permanent fix is set out in the proposed amendment to the Constitution.

TCF watches it’s dimes to keep it’s website updated.  But it is going to take the Dr. Baldwins to get the message out about the Amendment to “Get Americans Obsessed with Their America”.  Please join in spreading this message of the proposed Amendment!

Toby Elster


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