Foresight 2020 Goals Reply

Instead of a call for information, I put forth my beliefs, the researched truths, of what went wrong with America’s education.

In 1970, my discovering that America’s foundation, Her Constitution, was being undermined; My patriotic curiosity forced me to find how it was being done, why and by who.  I have been very successful in my research, tracing the Enemy Within and finding answers from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and ‘Z’ to ‘A’.  America was socialized through Her education system, beginning in the Ivy League colleges of influence, and today, down into K-12; and they have commenced into Pre-K, wanting to get to the kiddies’ minds before their parents can influence them.

As all Americans, you are probably not aware of any of this, because the same Enemy saw to it that We, the people, were never told.  They had it censored out of the media by omission.  It is the untold political history of America during the 20th Century.  Should it interest you as to who, why and how, ask me, and I’ll tell you about the corruption of American public education from the beginning until now.  The Enemy could not accomplish their objective without Socializing America.  That could only be done through education — to change the mindset of the society.

That state, to the point: re FORESIGHT 2020: Item 7.  Where is, in FORESIGHT, is the strategic goal of getting Americanism, Patriotism and Individualism, with the ability to think, being taught in K-12 AGAIN!  I do not believe that the FORESIGHT 2020 goals can be accomplished unless students have the foundation for it, which was just stated.  There is more anti-American indoctrination in the K-12 classrooms then there is patriotism.  And if it wasn’t for JR. ROTC programs, there probably wouldn’t be much at all.

I am not a radical, but I move to destroy the radicals, the elites of America’s public education, those in the White House, and those who hold their reins.  I do not know any of the Board of Regents, or anything about them.  I will voice my opinion to what is necessary to be done in order to create hope for the Strategic coals to get accomplished.

Toby Elster


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