Accuracy in Media

Someone, with cards, made me a Media Watchdog.  Where and when do I start? The American Spectator, February 2011, cover headlined, “Liberalism is Dead” by three of their distinguished authors.  That is bull, unless they mean Classical Liberalism.  I appreciate AIM’s reporting and thank you for the exposure, but it is what is not said by journalists that is important too.  The Fabians killed Classical Liberalism when they came to America to spread their Marxist Socialism as Liberals to keep their intent undercover.

Re: Williams McGowan’s “Spotlight”, excellent item, bit stated, “…journalism has been, traditionally, a liberal profession”, assuming he means Fabian Socialism.  I don’t buy that — unless he means his life time.  What McGowan states is a consequence of the Fabian’s liberal Socialism.  How did it come to be?

First, the rest of the background.  The AIM Watchdog card didn’t state that I started the Constitutional Foundation to awaken patriotic Americans to Exposing America’s Socialism.  We discovered Americans never knew that Socialism was undermining America’s foundation, Her Constitution, for their nefarious purposes.  In four years, (2003-2007), the conservative media was headlining Socialism in America.  We turned the evil internally attacking Americanism every way they could be to learn how to defeat them.  So what did McGowan miss in his statement?  The reason The New York Times has fallen so bad is because they have been abetting America’s enemy in our midst.  That has to be known if the common man is going to save their America.

Today the news is filled with the Mideast problems with The Muslim Brotherhood.  That the Muslim Brotherhood started in 1928 is erroneous.  That is when they organized– to rule the world.  It started in the 1850’s-60’s by one Egyptians Imam who started teaching fundamentalism, Mohammad’s Koran of hate and death.  Slowly, the message seeped throughout Islam like a spider web, until those who activated the belief.

In the mid 1800’s, Hagels’ idea of Socialism began to be instructed in America’s Ivy League Colleges.  They were the original Progressives, only teaching their beliefs.  When the Fabians came to socialize America, they found a ready made foundation to start their activity in 1899 to educate their Marxist Socialism.  They began with their ‘New Education’ into the Ivy League colleges of influence — journalism especially — educating the second tier of government.  So it was until approximately 1915 that journalist, along with others, were gradually ‘pushed out’ if their ideas were patriotic American.

Socialism in the Wilson administration was recognized as such.  Next day, the press recognized them as Progressives.  America’s media never spoke of them as Socialists again.  In the 1930’s & 40’s, they were Communists.  Not until 2003 did the conservative media mention Socialism with America when Toby Elster’s letters to the editors published them.  And like a spider web, it grew for America’s well-being this time!

The solution to what went wrong with America should concern “Action Center”.  There can not be enough of those to save America.  But are students getting the rest of the story to understand what the entire picture reveals?  That is where solutions that work originate.  They become reality when the common man understands what it is all about.  Commencing in 1915, with the coming of America’s socialized media, censorship by omission has kept Americans in the dark.  It is an untold and unknown sordid, nefarious, seditious tale of treachery and treason of the unknown, by the people, of America’s political untold history of the 20th Century.  When they do find out, they will change America back to Her Founder’s principles and destroy America’s enemies in her midst.

The solution is to amend the Constitution so it can protect itself along with the people’s freedoms and rights.  And that is what the “Action Centers” journalist students should know also.

Please spread the message! We can change America!

Toby Elster


One thought on “Accuracy in Media

  1. This has been a very helpful and insightful site. I appreciate the work and time you put into this! Keep up the fight, and I will be telling my friends about this site.


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