Response to ‘Still Not Making the Grade’

“Still not making the grade” by Dr. Ed Feulner (TWT National Weekly, January 31, 2011), addresses the need for more parents choice for their children’s education.  This should expose just had serious the problems are of American education.  “School Choice” is a partial solution, but education problems are rooted deeper, and that is where the solution will be found.  Education problems come from the Federal government whose nose is where it shouldn’t be and from the teacher’s unions!  There is not enough money in the vaults to satisfy them, while school achievements is not their concern!  The hierarchy indoctrinates the United Nations’ worldview to students instead of Americanism, even to the teacher’s objection.  The direction of education belongs to the States and to steer the teacher’s union back onto educational performances and regain control of their National Education Association from the educational socialists, for America’s sake!

Toby Elster


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