Why America is in the hole that was dug for her

Why do Socialists dumb down education?  Or were Lenin and Stalin right when they stated Socialism was but the first step to Communism?

Education was dumbed down by our education Socialists because Socialism has no use for the common man — that is you — to think.  They only want workers who produce what people need and for trade.  They have no consideration for the proven fact, that when they take what is produced to distribute to others (distributing the wealth), that kills the incentive for humans to produce more than what they use for their own needs.  Common men thinkers petrify the elites of Socialism.  It makes them paranoid and now the society has the dictator of Communism, who takes more, for protecting their backs from those who they tried to keep from thinking!

It is a coincidence that the Founders gave the states their rights to govern over their local affairs.

Cyrus the Great, King of Persia (550-529 B.C.), created the Persian Empire.  What became of Persia, from Turkey to India, was dotted with small, independent villages who had to protect themselves from raiders and plundering.  Cyrus offered them  protection if they paid taxes, and agreed to keep his nose out of their local affairs.  The canopy of protection he created allowed the villagers freedom to concentrate their efforts to live in peace and become prosperous.  This became known as the Persian Empire.  Do you recognize any similarity of what Cyrus created and what the Founders created for America’s self-government under our Constitution?  That message says that peace and prosperity come from a strong defense.

Obama is proving it again as he weakens the military with budget constraints, which emboldens China, who wants America’s influence out of the western Pacific, to shake her fist at us by firing submarine bearing missiles off our Los Angeles coast.

America has no statesmen anymore, those of our elected who put their country first.  The halls and rooms of government are filled with politicians who put themselves first.  This is why corruption is the order of the day in D.C.!

Toby Elster


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