Keeping Sane in an Insane World

Obama and his White House full of Czars are hardened Communists.  There isn’t a thing they don’t do to govern as did Lenin and Stalin, except shoot their opposition.

If you don’t know your candidates, a general way to vote is as follows:

Vote for a Democrat, you’ll go wrong.

Vote for an Independent, you’ll probably go wrong.

Vote for a Republican, you could go wrong.

Vote for a Conservative, you’ll most likely go right.

All Conservatives have going for them is the truths.


A professor asked what do you get out of voting?  If it is not against a candidate, it’s a wasted effort.

Don’t blame the oil companies for high gasoline prices.  The mid-east mess hasn’t cu into supplies enough to be a factor, except to disrupt deliveries.  Get rid of idiotic alternative fuels which adds about $.50 to $.75 onto energy prices.  What drives gasoline prices up?  Emotions!  The same emotions one feels when they hear gas prices are going up tomorrow, drives them to rush down to the gas station and top of their tanks on all their cars!

Finally, after five months of waiting for a permit to be signed to start drilling in the deep Gulf of Mexico again, Obama’s Czars were forced to relent from political and legal pressure to issue the permit to Noble Energy.  Their lame excuse was that it would be safe to drill again, after fifty years of doing so with no major, uncontrolled blowouts until BP’s carelessness caused the Deepwater Horizon to blow out and burn.  It must be tearing the heart out of our Communist Czars in the White House to have to give up the third step back also to shut down fossil fuel production.  Now, make sure they don’t take three more steps forward and yield only two back!


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