‘Obama Isn’t Trying to ‘Weaken America” (WSJ Feb.14, 2011)

What is Michael Medved trying to do — get some publicity??? He should know better of Obama’s intentions.  Two statements of his need wrapping around his neck.

He wrote of Adam’s words that FDR had put on a White House mantel.  Then FDR was using it as a typical Socialist’s smokescreen, as does Obama, trying to push their Marxist Socialism into the society.  FDR was a full blossomed Fabian Socialist who tried, as does Obama, accomplish favors for the United Nations.  FDR didn’t do America any favors by giving the U.N. their world headquarters.  These traitors’ actions become obvious if one understands how Socialists operate!

Concerning Medved’s comments on Rush Limbaugh.  I’ll bet Rush knows more than he states.  Why he doesn’t, one can only assume, but it fits the same reasons many others don’t — including the WSJ’s writers.  If Americans knew, since the media keeps it from them, the unpublished political history of America’s 20th Century of treason and treachery by some of our ‘greats’, such as FDR, Obama could not have gotten with 1,000 miles of the White House and his Czars may have fled America instead of live among knowing Americans.  Obama follows the same policies of the traitors for the same reason.  As for Sarah Palin, if she knows the truths, good for her!

Toby Elster


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