Reply to Human Events ‘Top Ten Conservative Presidents’

How Could You?!?!  Naming Truman as a Conservative is abominable.  But naming him as such as a ‘Top 10 Conservative President’ is a political crime of impeachment.  If I was naming the opposites, Obama and FDR would be 1 and 2, and Truman number 3, worse than Carter!

Have you forgotten M. Stanton Evans’ book, “Blackened by History”?  Truman took the Oath of Office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.  Had he not flushed the Oath down the drain, made the Oath his first priority when he became President after FDR’s death, he could have been America’s second George Washington!  If Truman had cleaned up the mess of spies , Communists, Socialists that FDR had left him, America would never have been socialized.  And as Obama could never gotten within 1,000 miles of a political seat in D.C.

Instead, Truman opted to vilify a Senator who was trying to tell the people the truths of FDR — to save the Democrat Party.  Anything Truman did for the country was nullified by that horrendous trade-off.  Truman didn’t stand firm against Communism, he abetted them.  That one traitorous act nullifies all the good he did for the country.

Toby Elster


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