To the Wichita Eagle

My word, Can’t The Eagle figure out which side of America they are supposed to be on?  Two items in Monday, Feb. 14th’s edition must have been written by the Color Blind Greens (CBG) — the political activists Greens who support the United Nations’ one-world government (goodbye freedoms and the Constitution), who can’t see they are Socialist Red.  “Concerns Mount Over Oil Pipeline” screams of a D.C. reporter’s headline.  Yes, they do blow up now and then, but who demands they be shut down except the CBG’s?  They also want America to stop using oil, gas, and coal for fuel.  Sharpen your axes to gather wood and buckets for cow chips again!

Where did The Eagle report on Houston’s rolling blackouts during the cold snap?!?  Were you scared you’d embarrass the CBGs? Who are responsible for this!

“Republican Leader Praises Obama’s Egypt Response”, screams another DC reporter’s headline.  They did???  I listened to Speaker Boehner, on “Meet the Press”.  I didn’t hear any ‘praise’ for Obama.  He just didn’t cut Obama up like Mubarak did, telling Obama to mind his own business, or like the King of Saudi Arabia who more less implied where Obama could go.

Believe it or not, but Obama protects the Islams too, over America.  He took a sworn Oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  He should be impeached.  Patriotic Americans should find out who Obama really is before they vote in 2012!

Toby Elster


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