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Too bad America doesn’t have more of the Dick Bailes (Explorer, March 2011; ‘Too Many Agencies’, addressing the anti-fossil fuel industry’s attacks coming out of Washington D.C.)  Baile speaks out with the truths, instead of allowing America’s economy enemies go unchallenged.  Baile spoke of ‘agencies’, but the individuals who run the agencies as directed by the President is where the problems come from, even if some of the agencies are an over-kill government.  America’s problems of anti-Americanism didn’t happen overnight, nor just with the present administration.  This one is just the worst of them, and any meaningful solution requires the background of the malice and it’s maliciousness.

No more than one can sow wheat one day, snap one’s fingers, and expect to harvest it the next day.  Or putting a bull and a cow in a pasture and expect a calf the next day — America’s crisis has been a century in coming.  One will not believe what happened to America, which is understandable, because it is unknown since we have never been told.  Unknown is the political history of America’s 20th Century which hides the socialization of America.  Those events have been censored out by the media by omission since they were fist recognized in our government, Socialism, in 1915 during the Woodrow Wilson Administration.  What the people don’t know is a tale of treachery, spies, treason and traitors, by many of the elected and appointed to the top.  And it continues.  It wasn’t until the 1960s, under the umbrella of the Vietnam War, that America’s Socialists outed themselves and moved to get influence over our government, very successfully!

William Buckley, with his book, “God and Man at Yale”, began the Conservative movement to stop the socialization of America.  The conservatives failed, not understanding the threat, and were putting bandaids on America’s cancer.  They never tried to cut it out by it’s roots, so socialism progressed until today it rules from the White House by Executive Orders, bypassing Congress.

My experience with America’s Enemy Within goes back to military intelligence school and in 1970 when I discovered what we were told was actually happening — America’s foundation was being undermined.  Then came 40 years of researching who, why, how, and their mentality.  Surprisingly, they go back 250 years of wannabes trying to rule the world, all the ‘isms’ of Fascism.  But there is hope for Americanism as authors are regurgitating Socialism in new books.  A real, permanent solution is to amend the Constitution’s definition of Treason, to bring it back into the 21st Century to serve America today in Her dire need, by making these anti-American Constitution-destroyers the traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  The Constitutional Foundation has the exposure of America’s Enemy Within and the suggested amendment on our website!

Toby Elster


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