Military Magazine

Military, March 2011, carries two items that hit me between the eyes.  Accuracy in Media’s explanation of the contrails off Los Angeles’ coast in November 2010.  The first news of the contrails being a jet plane registered; then I saw the TV pictures of the contrail, and, being an ex-jet fighter pilot, I said, “No jet airplane made that contrail.”  About the same time a high ranking admiral resigned and left the Pentagon.  No excuse was ever made, why???  Is there a connection?  A couple months ago I read an article in the Washington Times that it was a Chinese missile fired from a submarine, which no one knew was there!  The Pacific is the Navy’s domain for knowing what is out there!

Mail Call, re Roger Canfield’s book concerning Americans who ‘triggered our defeat in Vietnam’.  I’ll bet he did’t mention LBJ’s “whiz kids” headed by Robert McNamara.  The Vietnam Was was conducted by those five “Whizes” who were all United Nation’s believers following the U.N.’s policy — don’t destroy any centralized governments — dictatorships.  The War fits the U.N.’s policy to a ‘T’, the same as the Korean War.  The reason America hasn’t won a war since the U.N. came to be, under one of America’s greatest traitors, FDR, is, except for three Presidents, we have  let the U.N. call America’s foreign policy.

Toby Elster


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