The Chronicles

As is letter writer Donald Kerwick, so am I a new subsriber to the Chronicles, and as a forty year researcher into ‘What Went Wrong With America’ I reply to the Chronicles’ March 2011 issue of world problems.  My research led me into discovering an untold and unknown, by the commoners, political history of a web of intrigue of treachery and treason to socialize the world by wannabe world rulers.  Digging into the mentality of these wannabe globalists reveals a solution that would return the world to the road of peace and prosperity following America’s example once again.  And that leads me to address, for the commoner’s clarification, some items in the issue.

Write Donald Kerwick’s “More Necon Follies”:  Change Kerwick’s name to Elster, and except for ‘filthy’ and being Irish, I would have written the letter.  On the Neocons, I agree with Dr. McCartney, buyt not on the Valerie Plame (Wilson) case.  It was the Wilsons who were lying.  The Wikileaks reported in one of Kerwick’s named subscriptions, that the military removed 35,000 tons of yellow cake from Iraw.  Our courts of ‘non-justice’ framed Libby.  But that would not have changed George W. Bush’s media coverage about lying us into war.  That was not what the media’s hate was about.  That was a camouflage by the world’s Socialists of wannabes, not the war.

Chilton Williamson Jr.’s “What Went Wrong with the World”: Simple!!! It is socialized, as is America.  Socialism’s corruption of all facets of a society includes, on purpose, moral and cultural standards also.

These problems are rampant because socialism continues to spread through many in leadership across the world.  To solve the problem in America, we must amend the Constitution!

Toby Elster


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