To the CATO Institute

Of all the advertisements to serve society, “Constitutional Authority”, which appeared in Human Events (2-21-11), is by far the finest.  The Constitutional Foundation is not an authority on the Constitution but we do reference it.  The Foundation was created to save the Constitution.  The Constitution isn’t all that American minds are void in.  When TCF moved to expose the socialization of America (which we had considerable success with) we discovered that American minds were completely void in knowing what Socialism is, to the point of not recognizing it was in their midst and America’s unrecognized problem.  So as CATO tries to loosen our House members from the New Deal’s dastardliness, TCF continues to try and convince Americans what the New Deal was really about, so that the history of the move to socialize America will open minds to it’s threat to their America and the Constitution from the enemy in America’s midst, and in the government undermining the Constitution’s principles.  That threat we summed up as the unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th Century

Thank God for the Tea Parties and their backlash against our Communists in the White House.  (They better work faster or Executive Orders will undo the Constitution and Americanism).  They did buy us some time to save the Constitution and America from Her Enemy Within.  But they still don’t understand what is wrong with America, and continue to address America’s cancer with bandaids.  If the Veterans knew that the freedoms and the rights they fought and many died for is being ceded to America’s Enemy Within, they’d be furious.  (Efforts to convince those who sit in the plush chairs of their organization haven’t awakened yet, but TCF continues to tell them they have more to do than look after the Veteran’s benefits, as TCF continues to convince them.)  BZetween the two groups, Vets and Tea Parties, I’d estimate they number over 30 million mad Americans — and that is the solution to America’s enemy problem, and for the restoration of the Founder’s principles and saving the people’s freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law.

TCF, in seeking for a permanent solution to those problems, turned towards the Constitution and the definition of Treason.  TCF wondered why these Constitution Destroyers were not traitors.  It takes an amendment to Article III, Section 3 to do the job.  Could the Founders have overlooked giving the Constitution a means to protect itself?  It is doubtful, since they warned the people to guard their freedoms and rights — or lose them, which is exactly what is happening.  Why should We, the People, allow an enemy in our midst to destroy the Constitution by using the Constitution?  That is insane, and more so since there is a way to stop it — and by using the Constitution.

The Constitution’s definition of Treason needs to be brought into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire need now.  Anyone whose efforts or sedition can or will destroy the Constitution should be made the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  Amending the Constitution’s Article III, Section 3, to accomplish that will also be a permanent solution for generations and centuries to come.  The mental disease of Socialism have brought these wannabe world rulers back and back, after each failure, and it will again.  That is confirmed by their 250 year history of trying and trying and trying again.  Only America stands in their way now — but not for much longer?!?

Toby Elster


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