‘Affirmative Action Looks Tired’ Washington Times 3/14

There is more to “Affirmative Actions Looks Tired”, then Roger Clegg stated in his essay, (NWE, March 14,2011), that isn’t tired, but that it failed as a solution to racism, isn’t surprising.  Be it discrimination, racism, or multiculturalism, which bombed, and was denounced in Germany and England, is human driven, and no law will change that.  That is about the only part of Affirmative Action that has failed.  Nothing is going to stop racism, except to ignore it — laws or no laws.  As long as there are three people of different nationalities, tribes or color, racism is there to arise, regardless of what threatens.  It is the dastardliness of the rest of Affirmative Action that should go too.  Martin Luther King Jr., when he agitated for the Civil Rights Acts, was surrounded by advisors who were Socialists bent to socialize America.  They were investigated by the FBI for their Communism or anti-American activity.  Affirmative Action may not have done anything for racism, but it certainly gave the Socialists plenty to socialize America with.

Even if the Supreme Court reclaim the colorblind guarantees of the civil rights laws, the ‘harmed’ will have to sue for the law to act!

Toby Elster


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