American Free Press 3/21/11

A very informative and fantastic issue, AFP, March 21, 2011, from the front page through the articles to Letters along with Mike Luckovich’s on target cartoons.  I refrain and settle on two letters: To enhance an understanding, and ease writer Shirley Johnson’s apprehension concerning war with Iran, and the consequences of radiation and troops having to invade, America has developed super ‘block-buster’ guided bombs that don’t detonate until they have penetrated 20 to 30 feet underground.  All of Iran’s nuclear plants are underground!  Saudi Arabia, among others, have requested America take Iran’s nuclear capability out, which can be done from 40,000 feet with no radiation or troops.  There is no indication of any invasion needed.

Chuck Wiggin’s, The Second American Revolution; before it becomes necessary for the 160 million Americans with guns to load and march against the anti-American bastions of wannabe world rulers in NYC and D.C., it can still be accomplished by amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason.  Make these wannabes, who destroy the Constitution, the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason by amending Article III, Section 3, and America has a permanent protection against the next bunches of wannabes that will certainly come along.  Step one: Awaken American patriots to these wannabes who are destroying America with Socialism and Communist tactics for their global wished-for government — and America is rid of the U.N. too!

Toby Elster


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