Headline “The Left’s Drive Towards $8 Gas”

They stated that “The Theory is that pricier power will be used more frugally, which will turn Mother Earth into blessing us with cooler weather.”  It sounds more like Obama’s ‘change’ which was more Socialism for America.  The purpose is two-fold.  One to do away with fossil fuels by the Color Blind Greens (who are really Communist Red) which are plentiful for centuries, the cheapest and most efficient energy, scrubbed clean to keep the air clean, and restores the non-pollutant CO2 to balance the amount in the atmosphere for the planet’s human and plant life; and more so, why the $8 gas?  Because these GBGs promote alternative fuels, which taxpayers have to subsidize to keep alive, are inefficent and costly, and won’t be used until the cost of gas $8 is high enough to make their alternate fuels hopefully feasible.  So be prepared.  They’ll force you into hybrid electric cars, claiming 150 miles per charge, bbut goes dead when your halfway to your destination and many miles from a recharge plug in!

“Secretive Trilateral Commission Plans April Policy Meeting in Washington, D.C.”  Keep your eye on these people.  Their policy makers are the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergs.

There has been mentions of the New Deal and FDR in the media lately.  Some writers make it sound like the loss of FDR’s New Deal was a mistake.  At least they make FDR look somewhat honest, from the pap the people were fed by the media then.  FDR was a full blossomed Fabian Socialists, continuing the socialization of America started under Woodrow Wilson.  He failed to get the Fabian’s New Deal enacted, but he did manage to lay the foundation for the shift in power from We, the people, to special interests.  Why the people don’t have any influence over their elected?  Support the Tea Party movement.  They may change that!  They better had!  If you knew how many of our presidents were Traitors, and served the U.N., you’d wonder how America has survived with it’s independence this long.  The worst one sits in the White House!


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