To the Tea Party Express

It appears, if high tech equipment is accurate, you’ve spent much of your life, seeking out and electing politicians.  I’ve spent half of a life time finding out that many of our politicians, who take an Oath of Office who are Socialists and Communists supporting a foreign ideology.  But at least we are on the right side to protect America from Her Enemy Within our midst.  That could be a little unbelievable since I was brought up in a Democratic Family in Southern California’s Imperial Valley and Los Angeles.  Anything else you’d like to know is probably on TCF’s website.  Perhaps your secretary is a genius with the computer and can find it.  My genius with them is turning them on and logging in.  After that it is all accidental.  Searching for Sal Russo and the Tea Party Express, I got lucky.

To the point of this letter — our government in the White House (how they got there — not by the votes — but what happened to America’s patriotism that allowed it is on the website).  This is about how to get rid of them — and to get rid of them permanently — otherwise they will be back, if they go in 2012.  If they don’t, God help America.

Socialism in America’s government was first recognized under Woodrow Wilson, who was selected by the wannabe world rulers’s powerful movement.  Then they went undercover by the media with unrecognizable names, such as Progressive, etc.  FDR was a full blossomed Fabian Socialists and Communist abetter.  Truman, Kennedy and George H.W. Bush let the U.N. call American’s foreign policy, while LBJ and Carter kissed their feet and did as they requested.  Clinton was too busy chasing women to be much good, until it came to money, then he sold our military secrets to China.  Now Obama, the Powerful’s hope to create their global government, over-stepped, created the Tea Party backlash, made the powerfuls made at him, so wil lthey support Obama for 2012?  Or will they wait it out for their next selection of a patsy to do their bidding.  Except the public doesn’t know or understand all this, since they have never been told, but if America is going to be saved, they must be told.

Have you ever wondered why, the Conservatives, in 60 years of trying, have hardly been able to even slow this enemy within’s progress and fill the White House will Communists, with no intent to ever honor their Oath of Office or respect America’s Rule of Law, the laws, or the Constitution they move to destroy?  This cabal of Communists have all the Stalin’s and Lenin’s traits, except to kill their opposition.  First, the Conservatives do not recognize or understand the enemy.  Second, they try to put bandaids on America’s cancer by pursuing ‘friendly’ Congressmen with an issue — and the TEA PARTIES FOLLOW IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS!  Hopefully they have more success, but it is not a solution to America’s problem of anti-American Constitution destroyers who must be destroyed to restore America to Her greatness under the Founder’s principles.  Of all the elected Presidents and their appointees, only Reagan set the enemy in America’s midst back any.  George W. Bush tried in his first term, but the Powerful turned their attack dogs on him — and not because of the Iraq War or WMDs.

The solution to America’s Enemy Within problem is to get rid of them by destroying them.  If they are not, then they will destroy Americanism beyond repair.  That is what amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason, as TCF suggests, to bring it into the 21st Century to serve America today in her dire need will do.  The force to get the amendment enacted will come from patriotic Americans moving in the same direction with the same message — MAKE THESE ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS, PUNISHABLE FOR TREASON, for destroying the Constitution.  That can be accomplished by the Tea Parties and the Veterans, perhaps 30 to 40 million strong.  TCF’s efforts are in that direction, moves to awaken the Veteran Organizations to tell their members, and TCF requests all to help to inform patriotic Americans to spread the messaged — for America’s Sake!

Toby Elster

P.S. When the amendment is on the way to enactment, TCF moves to return the classrooms to teaching Americanism and patriotism.  That will require lots of money, but it is a must for America’s future!  It all starts there!


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