Words of Wisdom Pt 3

Don’t ask a candidate what he stands for or will do if elected.  Grill him to find out how strong and steady his resolve and backbone is.  Once elected they are up against the powers in charge and their ideas of those they have to please.  For instance, with great promises of holding the budget down, Kansas elected their first Socialist governor, Carlin, from the previous ten years of 149% increase.  Under Carlin, the budget increased 256% in two terms, and filled the office space from downtown Topeka to the city limits, with state employees.  Then the disease penetrated the State Capitol.  In the next 20 years, to 2008, the budget increased 627% and never a down year.  Don’t elect a candidate who is going to do things for the people.  Get one who won’t do anything!  Since none will do what should be done — undo what has been done to the people!


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