2012 Alert!!!

The 2012 Election is around the corner.  It was the 18 to 29 year olds who gave America a White House full of Czars!  America may not be able to survive that again!  TCF brings the following to your attention:

Obama captured 63% of the 18-29 yr old votes in 2008.  It was the margin of victory for him.  Was it because they were energized to vote by Obama’s network blitz?  Or, hopefully not, because they were indoctrinated into Socialism by their schooling?  He never would tell what his ‘change’ was going to be!  To swing the votes of the 18-29’s in 2012, the latter must be assumed and the ‘un-educating’ campaign of them must be underway.

The White House cabal does not have any truths they can bring forth.  They are all of the Socialist-Communist ideology, which has no truths.  Remember the untold misleading ‘change’!  Don’t fall for it again!


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