Food For Thought

Rush Limbaugh reviewed what is wrong in America.  The government unions of ‘give me! give me! give me!, and forget the taxpayers’.  There are twice as many government workers today then there are workers in manufacturing.

Food stamps have become at a maximum use at best.  How did this come to be?  It started under FDR in the late 30’s giving the farmers ‘parity’ for their crops.  So they grew more of the already surplus crops.  Food stamps came to be to use up the over-full warehouse; the cheese, wheat, and corn meal, etc. – the next day they could buy all staples — then all but beer.  That was followed by the con[artists figuring out they could be used to defraud the government (taxpayers).  How a socialist government works–until the producers quit producing.

America’s greatest economic years were from the Civil War to 1913 — the years of the ‘robber barons’!  What changed America?  160 years of allowing professors to, first, indoctrinate Hegel’s Progressiveness (Socialism) in the Ivy League colleges.  Then allowing the Fabians, Marxist Socialists, to spread it throughout the colleges beginning in 1899 to socialize America.  They also indoctrinated for a global government which attracted the world’s most powerful (international bankers) to their false idealism.  After 1.25 life times of America’s self-induced insanity, She has lost the self-sufficiency, Her patriotism, and the Constitution’s Rule of Law to socialism.  Why?  When the government handouts move in, voluntarism, self-sufficiency, and patriotism moves out, aka cultural creep.  America’s education Socialists control our public schools through the teacher’s union.  Is your grad schooler involved in the Peace Poster Contests?  That’s a United Nations Program to indoctrinate a global government through multiculturalism and no borders.  That is promoted to the schools by the Lions Club International!  Don’t ask me why! They don’t listen either!


From National Petroleum News comes, “Getting to the Bottom of Crushing Oil Prices” by Keith Reid.  He asks, as it covers all aspects that effect gasoline prices, “Is Regulation the Answer?”  TCF replies:  Regulation is never the answer.  Competition is!  Government should only guard against those who hinder competition (including government) and fraud.

Government is handful of minds (mostly know-it-all) while gasoline buyers are many millions of minds.  Those millions make up human ingenuity (which requires freedoms and rights to function), while all government does is get in the way!  In a conversation with a real estate developer, who was taking advantage of an FHA program of guaranteeing loans, which turned out to be a $1.05 guarantee for every $1.00 home loan, in returning from an FHA-called hearing about scamming the government, he told me after being asked how did things go?  He smiled and replied, “I was met by a young government man who told me, ‘Mr. ___________, we’re going to get you!’  I looked him over and told him, ‘Sonnyboy, you’re not going to get anyone.  You write the laws, we live by them.’ And so it was.  Why only small government works, there are no exceptions.

In the same enlightenment, from the Vice President of News Corp., Mr. William McGurn, as reported by Imprimis in “The Not So Dismal Science” Humanitarianism vs Economists, he states that in the debate of Morality and markets, “…The free market cannot long survive without an appreciation of that many of the virtues required for a successful operation are things that the market cannot itself produce.  At the same time, a conservatism that lacks an appreciation for the dynamics of a free market — and it’s confidence in the ability of free men and free women to build a better future — can easily trend toward the brittle and resentful…”


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