Lights and Liberty March 2011

Thank you for the update on Kansas House Bill 2372 on illegals and voting.  No one should approve the illegals, for the numerous reasons given.  It is as you stated, laws are made to be enforced, if the bedrock of the society’s foundation is to be retained.  Amnesty is out of the question, if only to discourage others.  America does have an assimilation problem with those already here, even if the undesirables are sent back and the radical La Razas are jailed — when the Constitution gets amended to prosecute all Constitution- destroying seditionists.  But emotions will not solve the illegals problems and an utter lack of understanding of these people does not help the problem, which is necessary to address it.

I grew up on the Mexican border of Southern California where the population was 60% Hispanic and still are.  What has changed in the 50 plus years since then?  In the 1930’s, land ownership and local governing odies were all European names.  Today they are sprinkled


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