To Senator Jim DeMint

America is for Americans, but, unfortunately, not all Americans believe in Americanism.  A large cadre of them move to undermine America’s foundation, Her Constitution, for a foreign ideology.  The Constitutional Foundation moves with a solution to America’s ideological problem.

To keep this brief, as we both know, America has a very dangerous ideological enemy in Her midst.  It is something The Constitutional Foundation has researched since 1970, has found answers to the how and why, and from that comes the solution.  Starting in 2003 to awaken Americans to the danger that they could lose what they take for granted, TCF exposed the socialization of America.  Now, TCF moves to protect We, the People’s Freedoms, Rights, Private Property & Rule of Law.  This letter is to make you aware of the solution to America’s ideological enemy within Her midst.

Sen. DeMint, you are proposing an amendment to the Constitution for a balanced budget, a very necessary eddition.  Why not also kill the source of what makes a balanced budget necessary with a complimentary amendment, and do both at once?  America’s ideological enemy in Her midst problem can be solved by making the definition of Treason in the Constitution to cover all who move to destroy the Constitution the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.

For America’s Sake,

Toby Elster


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