Dear Mark Steyn: per Steyn Classics Ad

TCF writes for Mr. Steyn to ‘catch up’ with some of the radio and TV hosts he sits in for.  This letter isn’t meant to slight your book efforts, but TCF has left incidental effects of Socialism when we discovered that the solution to America’s ideological problem was the destruction of America’s anti-American Constitutional-destroyers.  The issues do not penetrate deep enough into minds.  Nor have they been able to overcome beyond electing ‘friendly’ Congressmen.  That wasn’t working considering Socialism’s progression in American society of today’s cabal of Communists Czars directing the USA, or even decades before.

By the way, the roots of America’s ideological problems, who adopted the theory of world-changing from the Order of the Illuminati, and decided to cure the world’s poverty with Marx’s Socialism, was the Fabians.  They were exposed to the unbelieving Americans by the book “The Fabian Freeway” by Rose Martin (1966) — if you can find a copy. (They were not banned, just disappeared from the library shelves!)  Since Socialism always reappears, any solution must be a means to keep them out permanently.  A Constitutional amendment can make that possible.

TCF is aware that Mark Steyn is a patriotic American, who wants to see America become a better place.  Please join in our efforts to amend the Constitution and make these unAmerican Constituion-destroyers punishable for Treason!  Help wake up Americans to the threat we are in!

Toby Elster


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