For Competitive Enterprise Institute

I’ve been a member of the National Right to Work Committee for several decades, and to keep up with the union’s activity, as I consider the NRTWC a major roadblock to the socialization of America.  Besides the Right to Work Committee’s efforts and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, there is the move for a National Right to Work Bill, and The Constitutional Foundation puts for the message to repeal the Wagner Act and make unions voluntary organizations as are all other organizations.  TCF wishes the CEI the best of luck and puts forth The Constitutional Foundation’s efforts that, once accomplished, would benefit CEI’s efforts and all the Conservative organizations.

The Constitutional Foundation came to be in 2003, to fulfill it’s goal of Exposing America’s Socialism.  I learned, in 1970, that America had a very active, dangerous enemy in it’s midst, undermining America’s foundation by destroying the Constitution, it’s Rule of Law, and more.  In four years, TCF exposed the socialization of America, just in time for Obama’s coming!  TCF lets Obama’s cabal introduce Americans to Socialism as it moves to rid America of this internal enemy.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, as it rallies against the corrupt unions, should also help spread the message of the solution to America’s enemy within her midst.  Once the message becomes common knowledge, the enemy is on the defensive.  That would be the beginning of their demise.

Toby Elster


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