Human Events 4/11/11

A 21 gun salute to Allen Ryskind for his Conservative Spotlight, “The Unconservative Harry Truman” (HE 4/11/11).  He summed Harry Truman up deliciously for what Truman did as President.  It is what he didn’t do that makes him one of America’s treasonous Presidents whose Oath of Office was meaningless to him.  What Ryskind didn’t note was that Truman should have cleaned up was the “Communist policy makers and espionage agents in our government” and the Fabian Socialists undermining America’s foundation mess that FDR left him.

Why did Truman vilify and debase Sen. McCarthy? To save the Democratic Party?  Had patriotic America know what FDR allowed, what McCarthy was trying to tell the people, there would not have been a Democratic Party anymore!

Toby Elster


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