‘Is This the End of America?’ Human Events

“Is This the End of America?” reads the ad in the captioned.  NO! Only the America that was.  I recall FDR’s 1930’s.  The original Komrades were here, urging the American-educated Socialists (who also became spies for the Komrades), with the President’s blessings too, tore America up, and still fell flat.  But there is a question which has no answer — what would of happened if WWI hadn’t come to be?  What was behind all that, the people still don’t know — now would they believe it.  That was censored out of the media!

The Constitutional Foundation, since it’s capital funds are minimal, has no endowments, and nothing to invest, but is interested in Mr. Stansberry’s financial expertise vs. the Komrades.  TCF spent 40 years researching what, as we refer to them Communists and their socialism, minds, who are found in Obama’s cabal in the White House.  “…most Americans will not know what to do when commodity prices (out of control inflation) soars.”, you stated.  When it comes to economics and politics most Americans don’t know what goes on in the bathroom!  Our Comrades have seen to that since they took over American public education.

TCF, after 40 years researching ‘what went wrong with America’, found the answer, how the Comrades got into the White House, and been trying to awaken the ones you spoke about.  First, we were told it couldn’t be done, but in four years TCF exposed the socialization of America.  But how to get rid of the Komrades or Comrades who control the people’s economic destiny, is the same over again informing them of how to stop it.  With your help, then you can tell those who can’t be told, that you prevented what the Komrades had in store for them.

Toby Elster


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